Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Onto 2014!

I have started a few posts to catch up on the past few weeks  months. But finishing and publishing them is overwhelming so I keep putting them off. I think I'll just start fresh and go from here!

- This week I am home with a lung infection. Yuck. Hard to breathe yuck. I have been rereading the Harry Potter series to keep me occupied as well as a little T.V. I am currently listening to a natural fertility webinar while blogging and cooking spaghetti (with the spaghetti squash for noodles), sweet potatoes, salad, and sauteed spinach. I crave some healthy and REAL FOOD. No more popcorn or string cheese for me, please.

- This is the first time where I've actually made New Year's Resolutions with the intentions to stick it out. To be honest I can hardly even remember what my previous goals were. So for 2014, I have been working on two things:

1- To get healthy 
2- To be more organized

Very broad, I know. I'm keeping it simple. To get healthy for me obviously means being able to feel great and get pregnant with the least amount of harsh drugs as possible. To get there I have cut out all wheat and refined sugar. I have tried this multiple times last year but never lasted long. I plan on sticking to this lifestyle 90% but have been 100% wheat and sugar free so far! And it honestly hasn't been that hard. Hubs has been doing it with me too so that helps A LOT. As Jimmy said when I told him he didn't have to be on such a restricted diet, "I'm going to do this with with you so that when you get frustrated and want to give up, I can know what you are going through to help." That made my heart swoooon. My only concern with this is that he might go too low carb and it would interfere with his health goals. I try to make sure there is a balance for the both of us. He gets a lot of oatmeal, eggs, rice, beans, sweet potatoes, protein shakes, etc. 

I have a calendar I get to check off at the end of the day that has helped a ton! If I see that I have gone so many days without wheat and sugar along with exercising daily, I get motivated for more. Likewise, when I get tempted to eat a piece of cake at the end of my work shift, I turn it away not wanting to lose my whole day over one treat. It's gotta be worth it!

To be more organized has been a great one already. I find when I am organized my days run much smoother, I have a healthy and yummy menu, I don't spend as much money, I blog more, I am able to unplug for spiritual growth, and I feel at peace. I went so far as to type up a detailed schedule of how my day should go, meal ideas, which supplements and hormones I need to take on which days, reminders for me to lay out tomorrow's outfit, etc. Sounds a bit extreme??? Surprisingly, I feel so much more calm and happy since making this goal!

How are your goals coming along? 


  1. I'm so proud of you for sticking with your goals! I am not doing so well on mine so far, sadly, since it's only two weeks into the New Year. Yikes! Where did my motivation go?

    I would love to get organized and eat healthier too but my quick fix meal plan ruins that. Perhaps I should work on the getting organized part FIRST and then go from there.

    I'm so sorry you're dealing with a lung infection! That is no fun! If you need anything at all, please let me know! Love ya, sis!

  2. Loved reading that post! The organization part makes me smile because I love making schedules and lists to help keep me organized. I want our family to eat better this year also. I am trying some new recipes this week that should be interesting. I was talking with the boys about how we need to make more spinach smoothie Popsicles. They are excited!

    Love ya! Get better soon.


Thank you for your kind words!