Friday, August 1, 2014

what have we been doing all summer?!

This summer has been such a blast! Hubs and I have been constantly outside riding bikes, hiking, long walks, riding horses, camping, rock climbing, you name it. 
We are trying to relax and have fun one day at a time. 

Last week we went camping with my family, it was so fun! The weather was perfect, the view was beautiful and the company was great! We took the horses with us and we went on a few trail rides. 

We ran into a moose on one of our rides. My heart stopped beating for a second, then it ran off, whew!

Here's to another month of summer fun!

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  1. Such fun! I'm glad you two are finding time to relax and enjoy some fun activities before the summer is over. It's hard to believe fall is just around the corner yet again! We're sure looking forward to camping with you guys this weekend!


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