Thursday, October 7, 2010

Breit Beginnings. The start of Kailie Goodman and Jimmy Breitenstein...

It all started almost 5 years ago when I was a freshman at Provo High School. I went to seminary on my first day thinking nothing out of the ordinary would happen in this LDS classroom. WRONG. As I sat in my desk, I felt the need to turn around and look at the door. As I did, a senior boy just so happened to walk through the door and into the room. I remember so vividly the way his face just glowed, how obvious it stood out from everything else in the room. Ive never seen anything like it before! Thoughts ran through my head, "Who the heck is this kid?" The teacher, Sister James, asked what his name was. "Jimmy." He replied with a smile. "Okay Jimmy, you sit right there." (Pointing to the seat in front of me) Jimmy replied, "Oh, by that pretty girl?" HAHA! I was so shocked I just sat there with wide eyes, looking like an idiot. As the year went on, we became good friends and got to know each other a little bit. I had no plans for us simply thinking that nothing could happen because of our age difference. Why would a senior want to hang out with a freshmen all day when he was constantly surrounded by older girls and his guy friends? Jimmy graduated that following spring and we went our seperate ways. Or so I thought. Apparently he had been trying to find a way to get a hold of me as I didnt have my own cell phone at the young age of 14. Luckily, a mutual friend gave him my email address and we kept in contact through email over the next few months. Going into my Sophmore year, we were still really good friends, getting to know eachother like crazy, inside and out. I knew there was something special about this boy that I was falling head over heels for. After my Sophmore year, (June 2 to be exact) Jimmy left for his mission to Brazil. I felt empty and lonely for months. We kept in contact really well throughout my Junior year of high school until we broke apart like most missionaries and girlfriends do at one point in their missions. I lost contact with him and dated other boys, learning a ton about life. On May 27,2010,I graduated from Provo High School. I was off to a few graduation parties with some friends when I saw headlights coming up my driveway. Thinking that it was just a few friends early, I didnt put too much thought to it. My mom went outside and just started screaming. I ran to the door with my phone in my hand. I saw, standing there, Jimmy, from 2 years ago, with my mom next to him jumping up and down. Dropping my phone on the ground and covering my mouth with my hands, I walked outside and just stood there in shock. My mom yelled to me that I could touch him because he's been released but the only thing that came out my mouth was, "no, hes holy." HAHA I must have been a lil suprised :) Finally,since I wasnt doing anything besides standing on the porch with wide eyes and my hands still covering my mouth, looking like a dork, Jimmy ran up the steps and threw his arms around me, giving me the absolute best hug Ive ever felt in my life. And thats how it all began... :)


  1. AH!!! SOOOO CUTE! you see, blogging is fun :D

  2. Hehe! Yes! I am learning, thats for sure :) I think this will turn into like my online journal album!


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