Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Sisters are the best. Really they are. But I only have one sister. Luckily for me, shes moody, mean, picky, and I love her to death. Sure we want to slit eachother's throats sometimes. Or kick the other one out of the bedroom. But much more often we find ourselves laughing late at night, going on dinner dates together, talking for hours about secrets, and sharing way too many inside jokes. Shes talented in a billion ways, smart, gorgeous, and has a wacked out sense of humor. So its a good thing I only have one sister, or else Id feel bad for the other girls in my family. :)

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  1. I think your sister is pretty darn special. You're so blessed to have a sister like her, but it's also the other way around too! She's also blessed!

    I love having sisters. It's way fun. Brothers are fun too, don't get me wrong (Jimmy, if you read this, I love you to death!) but the bond between sisters is awesome. :)


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