Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What did you just say???

Watching 3 kids for a little over a week is quite the experience. Sometimes what they say makes me turn my head, laugh, get after them for saying something so rude, or just makes me wonder where they got that from. Ill be adding a few more as the week goes on. But here are just a few things these kids come up with. And as you can see, they are quite the handful.

We were driving in the car next to a random lady...
Kate-"That lady is fat."
Aubrey- "Well Kate, maybe she is on her way to get a tummy tuck."

Spencer: "Aubrey! You are addicted to top roman!"
Aubrey: "No I'm not! I just like the taste in my mouth!"
(Spencer was concerned about Aubrey's unhealthy "addictions"

While I was making dinner...
Aubrey: You're going to have to make a lot more than that, we've got piggy tummies."

Pointing to a baby doll shirt and talking to me..
Aubrey: "Oh! That is so cute!"
Kate: "Aubrey that's mine not Kailie's"
Aubrey: "Oh, I mean, That's ugly"

Kate: "Are you on a diet Kailie?"
Me: "No but I've lost weight eating the food at my house."
Kate: "But you've probably gained it all back eating the food at my house, huh?"
(True to that!)

While learning from a previous consequence...
Spencer: "Aubrey! Stop fighting with me over the computer or Kailie is going to hide it again!"

And my rewarding, heart warming quote...
(I was on the phone with Spencer giving him instruction on when to be home, chores, etc.)
Kate: "WOW! You're going to be a good mom."


  1. I agree. You ARE going to be a GREAT mom! :)

  2. Those kids are so much fun! LOL
    They are born with their own are doing so well!
    I always knew you would be a great Mom...just by knowing your Mom and by feeling your heart, I knew you would someday been given the chance to channel your talents and abilities into raising some of the most special children Father in Heaven has kept for you and your future husband.
    Say hi to him for me :)


Thank you for your kind words!