Friday, April 8, 2011

A few things on my mind....

What happens when the boy is busy doing homework on a Friday night? The girl treats herself to a Sweet Toothfairy run. :) That has been my night tonight! I have been getting ready for Jimmy's birthday tomorrow and stuffing my face with cupcakes. (I am now paying for it while I feel like I'm going to puke.)

Work has been pretty good lately. We've been hiring a new team, so I have been kept VERY busy this week training the newbies. It has been busy with prom season, which is good.

Well, I was doing better with my eating habits, before I ate the cupcakes...but its okay to splurge every once in a while, right? My wellness doc has been very helpful as to helping me figure out what vitamins I am lacking. Hopefully that will help me not feel so sluggish all of the time. I continue to enjoy my Pilates, and still dread running, hence the reason why the only time you will see me run will be at work- literally. With dresses upstairs and brides downstairs, you get quite the workout running around while carrying 2-4 dresses at a time. Not to mention they are waiting on you, so it makes you speed your little legs up. We always say, "No need for a gym membership when you work here!"

Jimmy's birthday is tomorrow, hopefully he isn't too busy with school so I can see him for at least an hour or two. He is doing really well, very dedicated. With finals starting next week along with his new job, he is finishing out the semester strong! That boy continues to impress me daily.

Anybody have some big Summer plans coming up? I know I do.

K, my head is rambling. G'night. :)

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