Monday, April 11, 2011

Man alive....

First car collision today? Check that one off of my list. No biggie. Thank heavens! Just as I was driving through the parking lot today while running errands, a car was backing out of their space. Because there was a giant Suburban parked next to her, I didnt't see her, and she didn't see me. So we ran into each other. The only damage done is my headlight and her taillight. I jumped out of the car to apologize and she said it was okay, not much harm done, and that the big Suburban next to her blocked our views. At least she was nice because I almost cried.


  1. ahhhhhhhh, that is terrible! Sorry to hear.
    Good thing it wasn't too bad and no one got hurt.

  2. I'm glad your first (and hopefully last) collision experience turned out okay. My Toyota was totaled in my first (of two) accidents. I'm glad you both are okay.


Thank you for your kind words!