Monday, May 9, 2011

A few thoughts

I have the best mom in the whole wide world. It was fun to celebrate Mother's Day yesterday. We had a feast where all of the kids made side dishes and desserts while my dad made steaks. YUMMY! I love how she raised the four of us to love cooking, her kids are chefs!

I also have the best Dad in the whole wide world. He and Jimmy gave me a blessing last night to give me some extra help with a few stressful things and in preparation to go to the temple. How great is it to be able to have a dad and husband who both carry the priesthood!

I'm excited to be a mother one day.

I took my first temple prep class yesterday. Eeek. So excited!

My most favoritest coworker went home sick everyday last week, and gave me her sickness. Boo hoo for us. I'm trying my hardest to get over this scratchy throat head hurting sore joints wobbly muscles runny nose business.

My goal for today is to finish my dress.

Our offer on our house went through with the family. Now we are just waiting on the bank, trying to think positive thoughts :)

Baby goats are just showing up out of nowhere this week. AHH! They are so fluffy and snuggly. The new ones are about the size of our chihuahua. They keep sneaking out through the fence and climbing on me looking for milk.

This rain is making me feel gloomy. I think I will put some lively tunes on today and sit by my heater while I sew!

I get married next month.... My emotions consist of

Reallllly excited and happy!

And occasionally the typical bridezilla stresses come out

A wee bit nervous

But mostly happy

And excited

And smiley :)

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  1. Darryl got the groomzilla thing but I didn't get bridezilla on anyone, for which I'm grateful. I wasn't nearly as stressed about things as my handsome hubby was, haha. If you need an outlet, come talk to me, sis!!! I'm around most of the time.

    We want to come see those baby goats!


Thank you for your kind words!