Friday, September 23, 2011

Was it really that easy?

We eat a lot of butter around this home.
 And when I'm talking "this home" I mean wherever I am located at the time.
 And when I say "butter" I mean the real stuff, not the "I cant believe its not butter" stuff.
 (Butter snobbish, I know.)
 Any who, my mom's the same way, we were talking about how much butter is right now and living on a newly wedded budget, its really hard to spend so much on something we use everyday. My mom says they use 15 dollars worth of butter every week at my parent's house. That's a lot to spend on butter!
 So as we were brainstorming of ways to save money but still enjoy our buttery goodness, we came up with the idea of, "hey, why don't we just make it? It cant be that hard!"
So we whipped up the little butter tutorial, got out our blender and electric hand mixer, a bowl and spatula, some salt, and some milk from our cute little cow (she just had a baby last week, too cute!).
 All we had to do was take the cream on top of the milk and put it in our blender on low for a few minutes. It turned to whipping cream. We could have stopped there, but we let it turn into heavy whipping cream (good to know for recipes that call for whipping and heavy whipping cream!).
We then put the cream in a bowl, turned on our electric hand mixer, and let it work its magic for a few minutes.
The cream started to separate from the milk (aka the butter was forming) and then we just strained the butter to get rid of the milk.
 (The milk we strained was actually buttermilk, I wanted to save it for some cornbread while we were at it!) Then we just squished the butter into a little blob in the bowl and drained the rest of the milk out, added a bit of salt, and Ta-Da!

Just a portion of our finished product. It really is not so yellow in real life, but I had to work with the lighting some how.

If you think I am going to split the goodness and milk with my mom to get organic whole milk, whipping cream, heavy whipping cream, buttermilk, and butter from our cute little cow (oh how much I love Miss Moo right now, and her baby, Daffodil is pretty cute too :) for just pennies, then you my friends, have thought right! It really couldn't get much easier than this!


Thank you for your kind words!