Thursday, June 28, 2012

babbling babbler

I've been a camera slacker. We have been doing some fun little things this summer but I've just been having too much fun to pull the camera out! I will regret this, I already do.
We've been spending so much time outside lately- how nice that's been! But you'd think I would have gotten a tan by now. Oh well, I'm pretty used to fair skin on myself. 
I feel like somehow that darn summer heat has drained the creative juices out of me. My crafting is not up to par, and blogging? What's that? The only thing I know these days are where the frozen peas are located in the freezer and what the front of the fan looks like. Its how I keep cool, ok?
My hair smells like campfire. We ventured out again on a little camping trip last night with some friends. Everything went well minus the fact that I shivered all night- Jimmy was sweating and wouldn't switch sleeping bags with me. I was quite the bear when we woke up. I just keep telling myself that I have to go again until I get the hang of this big boy camping business.
I switched jobs. I accept change really easily and love starting fresh. I'll miss the girls I worked with but really look forward to something new. Besides, working with family and a pay increase is always nice. And did I mention I'll be out of retail? Triple high five.
I make a lot of grammar mistakes on this blog. Jimmy thinks it's funny and I don't really care to go back and change things once I post. So chuckle away my dear.
Speaking of that man- my new favorite part of the day is when I go to bed and there is a little index card sitting on my night stand with his teeny tiny writing on it saying a nice little note that has to do with why he loves me that day. Awwwwww. Usually I read it, squeal, then set it down on the little stack with the rest of the index notes. He's a good one, that man.


  1. New job? What are you doing now?

  2. So I am loving everything about your picture. the setting, the outfit! all so pretty!
    and your husband sounds so sweet! leaving little notes like that, that's to die for! Good Luck with your new job, and if you have any advice how to get out of retail, im all ears!

  3. Don't stress about not taking pictures- sometimes I'm TOO worried about taking pictures I don't enjoy the actual moment..and it looks like you are doing just that :) And your husband is a keeper :)

  4. Ha I always have grammar mistakes on my blog also, I say why take the time to edit, review and edit, review again. I think it is great!
    I also can not get over your post before about the bee sting, ouch!
    You are super cute and I am glad we got to see you at the reunion.
    Keep posting, I love it!

  5. enjoy your summer!! sometimes it's so nice to not have your camera with you and to just enjoy the moments rather than trying to relive them while you're behind the lens. i'm glad you're having such a great time! summer is my favorite time of the year-- definitely enjoy the outdoors :)

    andrea brionne

  6. I l ove the photo! AS for grammer... I'm the horrible grammer queen!! lol Seems like your summer is going awesome!
    P.s. I'm your newest follower


Thank you for your kind words!