Sunday, July 21, 2013

the fourth, the outdoors, some food, and a spook.

A little recap of what we've been up to lately. I know, I'm super behind on blogging!
We enjoyed the fourth of July..
Between the parade with my family, a movie, some BBQ food with hub's family, then a giant water fight and fireworks, we had a great time! Well, don't I say that every year?

 (Thanks hubs for the top two photos)
I baked and decorated these little patriotic coconut cupcakes for our BBQ. Unfortunately most of the flags didn't make it to the cupcakes in time.

Jimmy got a (very nice) used bike for a great deal the other week. Bike rides every evening, alllllll evening....

And we've been having fun in the kitchen of course! Do you think I would update y'all with a post that had no food in it somewhere? Hubby actually made and canned the jams below. Lots of berries from the garden were involved, yum!
What did I do while he worked away? I sat on my rear and ate a few cookies. I so kindly offered up my jam taste testing services every now and again too. So much work involved in the process. ;)

Sorry for the awful quality photos below but....
The other night I came home from work, flipped on the bedroom light, and got spooked out of my pants because a man was lying in my bed.

After a long second of scared jumping, I laughed and laughed at hubby's little surprise. Yes, those are his clothes, yes hubs drew the face himself, and yes that is a head made out of a well used whoopie cushion laying around the house.
 Because every couple needs a whoopie cushion to keep their marriage strong, ya know?  

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  1. That's my weird little brother for you. We've never had a whoopie cushion. Maybe we should remedy that. ;)

    Bike rides are fun! I need to keep buggin' Darryl to fix my chain on my bike so I can ride mine again too!


Thank you for your kind words!