Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our DIY Kitchen/Entryway Display Transformation

I say keep the home remodeling coming! We are having a blast with it!
There was this built in aquarium in our kitchen/entryway. It was really gross and used to house a giant snake for years. It just wasn't working for us. Over the weekend, we just pulled our act together and decided we were going to transform the yucky space into a display shelf. And we love the result!
Hubs took the aquarium out and built the frame/shelves for me while I worked on the décor.
Not wanting to spend a lot of money and knowing that I had a ton of stuff in our house, I decided to challenge myself and use only what I had on hand already. And I'm glad I did!
 I ended up not spending any money on my portion (now I can put that money towards other stuff, ahem, other craft projects) and loved how I was able to free up kitchen cabinet space by using my kitchen items as décor. I also liked how I was able to use up some of those random craft supplies that I normally would have left cluttering other places.

My display came out so different than what I planned for. I thought there would be so much color and a lot more items on the shelves. But we are actually loving the simplicity and white since its an open shelf and we already have a lot going on in our small house.
I ended up just opening my kitchen cabinets and pulled out some of my nice white sets that I don't use on a regular basis. I pulled out a few more random white items, rearranged things around quite a few times, and pretty soon hubs was telling me how much he was loving it! If I ever want to use the white dish sets for a special occasion, no biggie, I'll just use them and put them back after.

The bunting banner was super easy. It was the first thing I started, planned to be use for a different room originally, and was what sparked my ideas for the display. I just pulled out some random scrap fabric, folded it hot dog style, cut triangles, and hot glued the white ribbon inside the fold of the triangles. No sewing required. Easy Easy.
The sign was a gift from my sister when Jimmy and I first got married. I saved it until I found the perfect spot. The wreaths were originally just one foam wreath from the dollar store I had on hand. I cut it in half, wrapped them in burlap, and attached handmade flowers on. The frame was just a black plastic frame I pulled from storage. I sanded it so my cheap paint would hold on, spray painted it blue, then lightly brushed some watered down off-white paint on after it dried. I love how it turned out!
I LOVE how I didn't have to go to the store once for this project! Jimmy and I can't get enough of our new display, it changes the room up like crazy. Not to mention the smell of fresh wood is awesome. :)
Next up is the bathroom!


  1. This turned out way cute! Better than an aquarium. :) I just read through your June posts and geez, I can't believe you went through all that! I hope you're doing better now and I'm glad you got the medical help you needed! And aren't blessings great? take care.

  2. Wow, this is awesome! It looks so fabulous! I can't wait to see it in person. Isn't it fun to improve and change things up in your house?! :)

  3. Turned out so great Kailie! Love your style.


Thank you for your kind words!