Thursday, September 26, 2013

lets catch up with some random things

I've kind of fallen off the social media planet lately. Just been stuck in my own little world doing my own thing. I'm keeping busy busy busy. Its a blessing and a curse, really. Still trying to work on prioritizing my schedule and to do list. I was so swamped for a few weeks right when we came home from our trip with starting up more work hours and our house projects. Whew! Now that we are officially done with remodeling for a while, we just crash on the couch in front of the TV on our spare time. Maybe we will get bored in a few days and find other ways to keep busy. WHO KNOWS. We obviously have a "busy" issue. Tips anyone???

In other news beyond thinking about remodeling...

-I am loving fall! I got 4 fall cardigans the other day with price tags of $3.99 on each of them! Woo-hoo!

- I finally created a craft closet the other week. I. love. it. I still need to make it look cute before I post pictures. But it is so much fun to work in!

- I need to get my teensy porch decorated for fall. I'm not much for swapping out the indoor d├ęcor but the porch is something I always enjoy decorating for the holidays.

- Speaking of holidays, maybe I can convince hubby that we need Christmas lights this year? I've never been able to convince him. So the sad, grumpy, house of ours will most likely look a little Grinch for yet another year this winter.

- And OH MY GOSH. The other week our Toyota Corolla stopped working. We were too busy to get it towed to the mechanic with everything going on so I just drove our spare truck. Well, we finally got it in over the weekend and GUESS WHAT. Turns out a rodent had chewed through the wires of our car. Let me repeat. A RODENT CHEWED THROUGH THE WIRES OF OUR CAR. Oh of course, why shouldn't that poor little rodent be able to snack on our car parts?


  1. A rodent? Yikes!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your craft closet and porch!

  2. Rats! I wonder if the mechanic found that rodent when he was fixing it up. Good thing you weren't there! There are several cases of cars being taken over by rats; if something's wrong with the electronics and your mechanic sees frayed wires and such, it certainly screams "rats!". I hope the repair didn't set you guys back a lot.
    Bobby Ladson @


Thank you for your kind words!