Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas came and left too fast for me this year! I really enjoyed my time with Family on both Christmas Eve and Day. For Christmas Eve, My mom's side got together for some traditional Eve foods and a Christmas talent program. I read a story about the true meaning of Christmas. We played lots of fun games, ping pong, and of course, the Wii. On Christmas day, we opened presents, ate a yummy breakfast buffet, Saw the new movie "Tron" and had our Christmas feast. I enjoy my books, cooking supplies, accessories, shoes, camera,and pool table! Jimmy was very very kind to build me a jewelry chest (which I needed very badly.) When I opened it up and saw how nicely it was made, I had asked when on earth did he make this for me? Turns out, after he was done visiting with me at around 11:00 PM, instead of going home, he would go to the wood shop he worked at before the mission, and would spend hours building for me. Poor guy. And all this time I would get after him for not going to bed on time because he was always so tired! Even though I was a bit bummed because I didn't see Jimmy's side of the family this Holiday, I still enjoyed my Christmas and the time I had to get to know my family better. I know, lots of pictures above, but I just love using my new camera too much!

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  1. I LOVE all the pictures! I say one can never take too many pictures of family and friends. I'll be posting quite a few tonight on my blog too. I'm glad you had a great Christmas!


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