Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My family, Jimmy, and Myself had the opportunity to go to Disneyland this past week! We had tons of fun playing in Disneyland and California Adventures for 3 days, stuffing our faces with delicious food, and enjoying the fabulous weather. Sorry, these pictures are all jumbled up and there are a ton! But can you blame me? We were at the happiest place on Earth! :)

 Waiting for the play "Aladdin" to start. It was HILARIOUS as they modernized it!

               Aladdin to Jimmy, "Is this your Princess?! Do you wanna take a picture with me!?" HAHA

 Group picture

 California Screamin. One of my all time favorites! We went on it like 3 times.

 Classic. And no, we didn't match our outfits on purpose!

                                          Chip loved to tease Jimmy, so he would kiss my hand.

                         I tell him to make a "we're excited to go to Disneyland" face, and this is what I get...

                                     Eating in Goofy's Kitchen (which was a super tasty buffet!)

                                     The inside of our hotel. Oh how I love the Embassy Suites

                       I highly recommend staying here. The food is delicious and they treat you like royalty.

                                                       Fishies swimming with the coins

                                                                 Jimmy, the pirate

                                                                 Could not resist...

                                                        He makes a great Mickey

                                                               Minnie is so stinkin cute

                                            So super excited for my blingy Minnie ears! Hahah....

                                               Boys enjoying Sleeping Beauty's company

                                                          She said Jimmy was my prince

                                            So super cute dinner placements where we stayed!

                                                         Exploring Tarzan's Tree house

                                         Tower of terror, after the second time I warmed up haha

                                     Waiting for the new Toy Story Ride in our cool 3-D glasses

                                                                      Turtle chillin with us

Pretty waterfall inside the hotel

I wouldn't mind going again! The last time I had gone, was when I was about 6 months old. Bout time eh?


  1. Kathryn says: Looks like you guys had so much fun. I am just a tad envious. The first time I went was when Ambyr was 10 months old and I just loved every second of it. The new Toy Story ride is one of my favorites and all of Michael's brothers would have this competition to see who could score the highest. Have to admit though I don't think you could ever convince me to go on the Tower of Terror or CA Screamin'. I am just too much of a whimp (not to mention I get motion sickness super easy). :)

  2. That looks like it was an awesome vacation!!! How fun! Jimmy's expressions are hilarious and I love his little finger "hook" as a pirate. Very convincing. The suites that you stayed in look beautiful! Splendiferous!


Thank you for your kind words!