Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Look Alike?

Have you ever met someone and the first thing they say to you is, "Oh you look like________!" And then I'm usually the one to say "Whah???" Sometimes it can be a compliment, but other times I wish I wasn't being compared to as "similar" as a certain celeb. (Even if it is just looks.) Here are a few I have been getting lately, it happens a ton at work. I don't know if its my dark hair or what, but brides, and mother of the brides, seem to pull my face out of somewhere.

The latest: Lucy Hale. She is off of the show "Pretty Little Liars" (I've never seen it, have you?) She also auditioned for 2 parts in "Twilight," Alice, and Jane. I got that I look like her twice last week!

Jennifer Garner. I knew her off of "13 Going on 30"

Rachel Weisz from "The Mummy"

Selena Gomez. The young actress all over Disney channel. (And currently dating Justin Bieber)

Jennifer Aniston. I like her in "Marley and Me" (They say I'm the brunette version)

Funny, how people can match you up in about 2 seconds with a familiar face. I don't think I see myself in any of these ladies, but I usually just smile and say "Oh, thank you."


  1. You look like the first gal the most, but you're WAY more beautiful than she is. Jennifer Garner is one of my favorite actresses. Especially Alias.

    I have a celebrity look-a-like too. The Hunchback. :P

  2. I agree you look the most like the pretty little liars girl and when you had your old hair cut like Selena Gomez. But you are a beautiful mix of your mom and dad too :) Love you Kakes <3

  3. I definitely think you look like the gorgeous Lucy Hale :)


Thank you for your kind words!