Thursday, April 21, 2011

Appendix?....or Cyst?

Last night at about 2 am, I woke with a sharp pain in my lower ab. I kept me up all night long! No matter what I did to make it go away, it wouldn't. I just knew it was my Appendix. Trying to see if it will go away, I stayed in my bed. 4 am came around for me to vomit. The pain was crazy! And I felt so sick. Finally at about 7 am, I rolled out of bed where my mom found me scrunched up and crying. She knew it was my appendix, especially when I told her I had been vomiting. My parents took me to the ER, where I got some I.V. with painkillers (thank you, doc) and had multiple test done to diagnose the Appendicitis. I was so frustrated! I had 4 appointments this weekend for my wedding. I would be out for a week at work. It irritated me so bad that this would just happen. After a few hours, I was LUCKILY not diagnosed with Appendicitis, but rather I had an Ovarian Cyst. Have any of you ever had those? They hurt like a mother. Apparently the vomiting came from the amount of pain I was in, and on the even brighter side, I have a lip the size of a softball because of the stress put on my body. My mother said there is no way engagements will be done tomorrow! Haha, something tells me she doesn't want me to have everybody seeing that fat lip for weeks. Oh well, that's the bonus of taking them with your sister. So today I have the day off. I slept for almost 3 hours, then I think I'll just take it easy until tomorrow. :)


  1. Aww..poor thing. I am so sorry to hear you felt so much pain. I had little cysts before but nothing major, the OB-gyn says they come and go. I am not sure about yours, I assume, it will pass. Having children "regularizes" our bodies as well, so I guess that helped me.
    I am glad you took it easy today. On my side, I have been so crazy parents have been in town for a week now and it is busy here. I am so glad you wrote me...your posts gave me such a joy tonight (except this one...of course). I am just so happy for you and Jimmy! I love you both!

  2. I have had one about the size of a golf ball for about five years now. It's one of those kinds that doesn't burst and dissolve. Oh no. This one hurts like the devil every now and then and sometimes I get so nauseous that I end up sicker than a dog on chocolate and feeling the pain is almost overwhelming. I know just how you feel, sis. If you ever need to cry because of the pain, call me!

  3. I feel your pain!! I had a cysts because of a birth control I was on - it was not fun!! Luckily they went away after I got off the bc, but I know the pain!


Thank you for your kind words!