Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27th

On May 27, 2010...
  • My best friend and sister turned 16 years old
  • I had graduated from high school
  • Jimmy showed up on my door step at nearly 11 PM, still in his mission suit, barely released, and hugged the daylights outta me. But it's okay, I was too shocked to even know what was going on. :)
  • We were took a long midnight walk to figure each other out, and were each hoping that something big would one day happen between the two of us.
On May 27, 2011...
  • My best friend and sister turned 17 years old. Happy Birthday, Sissy.
  • I have been out of high school for a year now, though it feels like 10. I got 20 times busier after high school then I ever was while I was still in it. But I must admit, I sure do love being out of that place!
  • Jimmy has been home for a year. It is bittersweet for him (as mean as I am its just sweet for me hehe) He is spending the weekend camping and is loving it, although he did ask me recently why I still didn't go with him. (Hmmmm, 10 guys and me. Not sure how I feel about that one, my dear)
  • We still take walks to this day (refer to post below) to figure each other out. We have come such a long way in this relationship, and we are super excited to take the next step shortly.
I'm a bit weirded out that it has already been a year. It went by so fast! I still remember last summer like it was yesterday. Best summer I have ever had. I am looking forward to this year like crazy. I do miss being outside soaking up the rays all day, now that I am stuck inside for nine hours wearing only black dress clothes (though I have been sliding by quite well with my summery black dresses, capris, and sandals.) We will see how long I go without the immense insanity building inside me too rapidly. Hopefully I do survive this one. :)

Oh, and 28 days. :)

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  1. Wait until you have kids. It goes by 10 times faster than it does now. Sure wish we could slow down time a little.

    Happy birthday, Josy!


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