Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm going there someday...

One of the most common things people ask me when I tell them where I'm getting married is, "Manti? Oh why Manti?" Why Manti? Well I sure have a list for you my friends! Manti just has a special spirit that draws me to it. Its my favorite temple because of that. I love the beauty of Salt lake, Draper, Bountiful, Timp, etc, but Manti just carries a sweet, peaceful presence with it. Whenever I am driving towards Manti, and I see that temple sitting on that hill, I can't help but smile. It's just me. There is no way to explain it. Manti is just everything I want. Sure, we are sacrificing 2 hours worth of time when we travel just to get there, sure we won't be able to have all of the family there because the rooms are teeny. (Still a tinsy sad about that.) But I just can't help but have a particular fascination with Manti.


  1. The Manti Temple sure is beautiful. Darryl and I have both done some sessions there and it was splendid. I'm excited that you and Jimmy have chosen to be sealed there!

  2. Manti is amazing! Don't worry about the 2 hour thing, it's nothing. My sister was married there, my parents, both set of grandparents and my great grandparents.
    You will love Manti and it will be WORTH IT!

  3. WHAT! NO! THAT IS MY TEMPLE!!! you temple stealer!!!!!!!!!! lol but i'm excited for you anyway :)

  4. I got married in Manti :) it is such a beautiful temple! Manti is really good about accommodating people in those room. At my wedding we had more people show up then expected and they just had some people stand.

  5. I have always loved that Temple...those two hours are SO worth it! It looks like the perfect Temple for a couple like you guys

    PS. you might want to check some news on my blog :)



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