Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why I have not been posting lately...

A few reasons as to why I haven't been my usual blogging self for a few days:

-I was waiting to get pics from my bridal shower to post, but my computer wont read the memory card, dang it! I guess I'll have to play picture catch up later.
- I have had a nasty flu Sunday through today. Hence the reason why I'm not at work. I've started eating food today, yay. Any of you got sick right before your wedding? I'm crossing my fingers that this won't carry on to next week!
- We had a busy weekend attending Jimmy's best friends wedding. What a beautiful event! We are so happy and excited for the two of them. Jimmy and I danced our hearts away that night. He was too cute. He kept telling my how excited the wedding was making him get for ours. I especially enjoyed how his best friend is a cousin to a few of my best friends so we had a major blast on both ends. Small world.
-I have been busy making my flower girl's head flowers, my bouquet, the boutonnieres, and starting the corsages. Yep, I guess I like that stuff now. I wanted to give it a try. (and the surprise major money saver is amazing!) I have had some fun with it, I don't really know what I'm doing, but Youtube can be handy sometimes! Because I knew I'd be doing it all ahead of time, I went with silk flowers. Who knew they'd be so good to me? I love how I can use them for photo shoots, since I'm a "lets snap a pic here and one a day later rather than a 2 hour shoot" kind of girl. I love how my bouquet sits in a lovely vase on my table, and will be able to forever! I love how we will be able to keep the flowers after the wedding, and they'll still look pretty. I also love how cost effective they turned out to be! My mom and I feel like we skip with joy through the dollar store (yes, the dollar store), hobby lobby, and other craft stores to find great deals on my little flowers. We are using real flowers for the decorations and table settings, but the silk ones are just perfect for those who are wearing them! YIPEE!
-I've spent the past little while preparing to go through the temple soon. I'm pretty stoked about that. I used to be quite nervous, till my bishop was ever so kind to calm my nerves down. He's a good bishop, I'll sure miss him.
-We've been getting ready for our honeymoon. Jimmy asked what I wanted to do and I quickly replied saying how I thought a cabin would be awesome. So he worked his little magic fingers and we are off to a week of hiking, swimming, barbecuing, biking, sight seeing, waterfall playing, you get the idea. I can't wait!


  1. I've done a whole bunch of flower arrangement and corsage and boutonniere-making when I worked at a flower shop while in high school. It was awfully fun!

    I'm totally ready for you guys to get married!!! :)

  2. Kailie- WOW! I'm sure your wedding is going to be absolutely GORGEOUS. I am totally excited for you and I really do hope your special day is amazing. I can't wait to see the pictures!!


Thank you for your kind words!