Sunday, July 10, 2011


  • We are adjusting well to married life. At least I think so!
  • Jimmy and I are enjoying our stay with my new sister for a while, we can't stop thinking about how spoiled we are.
  • I have gone part time at work. Now I'll be able to focus on my own little business and get it going soon.
  • I'm trying to lose a few pounds, I'm looking into gym passes but the only thing that interests me at the gym are the classes! I'll start power walking in the early mornings soon, that's a good start to me.
  • Jimmy is still sleeping, I got up earlier because I go to sleep at like 9:30, no joke.
  • I kind of miss planning for my wedding. Especially when I see my friends planning for theirs, I get a teeny bit sad that I cant relive my wedding day again. On the other hand, being married is so much better than being engaged and I look forward to the future with Jimmy and our family we plan to have! 
  • We've got church today, I'm looking forward to it. Later we will have a birthday dinner for my brother at my parent's house, I'm excited to see my family. 


  1. I'm glad you feel spoiled! You guys certainly deserve it after being so stinkin' busy for the last several months. There are many moments when I wish I could relive my wedding day too, though for different reasons. :P

  2. wait what business are you doing?!??!


Thank you for your kind words!