Monday, July 11, 2011

The Perfect Day (part one: enjoying the family at the temple)

I have over 600 pictures from my wedding day, so there are a few pics to put up. I'll be breaking the day up so its not one big post. Part one: the temple! (Greeting the supportive family)

The newest Mr. and Mrs. Breitenstein!

Happy as can be :)

My oldest brother and my cousin Peyton sneaking in from behind

Alisha, we are cousins, a month apart in age. We've always been super close!

New father in law

Sisters forever

Jimmy's friends. The blonde one has been his best friend since second grade!

Breitenstein lovin'

The whole crew who came

in between shot

in between shot, madly in love

Awesome friends who came to support

Our videographer told us this is what he expects from us on 10 years, I thought it was pretty funny

A classic Jimmy face
Awesome supportive family!

Beautiful sister


  1. Those are such awesome and beautiful pictures! I'm glad you're breaking up the pictures into sections or I think we'd be looking at all the 317 pictures all day (not that it's a bad thing). You guys make such a great couple!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! Enjoy the first year of marriage to the fullest even the little fights are ones to remember! Congrats! We are so happy for you both! The first year is one of the hardest but the best!


Thank you for your kind words!