Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Perfect Day (part two: in love at the temple)

The pictures that were taken when we came out of the temple are in the post below. This post is after the family had left, leaving us to capture a few moments with our photographer and videographer. Enjoy, I know I did!

In between shot, melts my heart.

In between shot

He makes me giggle :) kissing me and pinching my bum

Lots and lots of kissies

Up next: The Perfect Day (part: reception) Hope youre not getting too sick of my wedding ;)


  1. I'm certainly not getting sick of the photos! I'm loving seeing the shots I didn't get to see at the temple after we'd gone. I love the pinching your bum comment...bahaha! That's totally Jimmy for ya. ;) I also love the picture of your veil fluttering out behind you. It's a neat photo. Keep the pictures comin'!

  2. NO.. I am not getting sick of these photos!! I LOVE them SO much!! And I've said this a lot but hey you look really pretty!!! And I mean, WOW!!! And I am so glad that I have a good friend like you. Just keep them coming!!

  3. Beautiful! Everything but especially you two!


Thank you for your kind words!