Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I hate short sales

Short Sales, Quick Sales? Whoever came up with that lame name? We've heard of people looking into homes that are listed under as short sales, and sometimes it can take up to three years! We knew it wouldn't be that bad, but still, its taking mighty longer than we thought.
  • Before engaged- look around casually at a few houses and think of how great it'd be to buy one.
  • Get engaged- find a house actually in our price range.
  • Like the house.
  • Schedule a showing.
  • Love the house.
  • Love the yard.
  • Love the price.
  • Put our offer in.
  • Tell the hubs that we have to get rid of that hideous stone and carpet.
  • Hubs agrees.
  • Make plans on actually living there.
  • Brainstorm on home decor.
  • Offer goes through with family.
  • Get excited.
  • Now on to the bank.
  • Hubs makes great friends with the realtor.
  • Dream about different Decor options.
  • Get excited as we are told that we'd hear back from the bank on our honeymoon.
  • No calls on honeymoon.
  • Hubs calls realtor multiple times after the honeymoon.
  • Bugs her a lot so she bugs the bank.
  • Weeks go by.
  • Look up DIY projects for home decor.
  • Finally realtor tells us that a bigger bank bought the house and will be taking over.
  • Paperwork sits at new bank for weeks.
  • Look at other houses "just in case"
  • Hold breath because all of my home decor plans may need to change. (Its a big deal for a first time home crafter ya know)
  • Find nothing, and trust me, we are not picky at this point.
  • Realtor gets irritated, gets special authorization to work with manager only.
  • Several calls from hubs later, realtor tells us that the family who owned the house before us now wants their house back.
  • Realtor comforts us by saying they most likely wont be able to afford it.
  • Hubs is told that we will hear back on the house in about November or December, after they're done dealing with this family.
  • If the family doesn't get the house, and we are still interested, then the appraiser and inspector will come out and tell us what will need to be fixed. etc.
  • After hearing all of that, THEN we decide if we even want the house.
Drat, I was getting too excited about it. I had a whole list of ideas and projects I was working on. On the bright side, we are enjoying our stay with my wonderful sis in law. Its nice to have the good company, and not having a contract/rocket high student housing bill that they charge here in Provo is an added bonus too! It works out, even through my negative feelings towards that house :)

So my word of wisdom to those out there, don't look into a "short sale" if you have a time limit!


  1. I'm sorry about the house. I hope the owners can't afford it and try to sell it again. My dad and I walked past it this morning and it's awfully cute! I'd love to see the inside and yard! In the meantime, keep your chin up!

  2. Bummer, sometimes things happen for a reason. Good luck though!


Thank you for your kind words!