Sunday, August 7, 2011

Glitter toes, wedding, playing, and crispy fish.

This past week, one of my long time friends had gotten married on Friday. My mom and I threw her a shower Thursday night. We ate lots of yummy food, got glitter toes, chatted and opened presents. On Friday, I attended her sealing with my parents (Jimmy had to work) and went to the reception later that evening.

I also watched both my 11 and 9 year old girl cousins this past week. They were great helpers with the shower and wedding, and we did lots of horse back riding, pet shopping, snowie eating, and swimming. We went to Veterans pool yesterday from 11:30 until right after 5. I told the girls we'd be staying until about 2, but then I ran into a few friends in the pool and got to talking. Before I knew it, 2:00 turned into 5:00! And with my lack of sun friendly skin, I was burnt to the crisp. My face, shoulders, back, down to the tops of my feet are flaming red. Of course, my cousins just got darker. They could pass for Native Americans now. Lucky ducks. Other than the lack of sleep last night and my burning skin, I was glad we got to swim for so long. I think this is the first summer I haven't spent boating every week. I miss going to Lake Powell for a week, and boating at even yucky Utah Lake. I'm having my tubing withdrawls. Oh well, at least I got a good 5 1/2 hours yesterday in the water!

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