Monday, August 1, 2011


We've got some big news to share today.

It wasn't exactly planned to happen this quick.

But some things just feel right anyways.

Even when plans change.

It'll probably make things a bit stressful at times.

But we're a good team.

Now that I've had time to let it settle in, I like our new surprise.

I feel better this way.

It will take quite an adjustment.

But we are confident things will work out quite well.

in short, if you've noticed I look a little fat.

Don't be so hard on me, I wont be able to run up and down those stairs all day at work.

Have you caught on yet?

I quit my job.

Because too many days were lookin' like this


  1. :) Oh Kailie...CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!!!! That is a GREAT kind of sickness! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! :)
    already!!! Wow. This news made my day! I love you!


Thank you for your kind words!