Tuesday, August 2, 2011

HAHA clarification

The hubs and I wrote the last post. We thought we were being rather cleaver. But due to some comments and texts, it looks as though we need to clarify! Hehehehe, I must say though, it has been making me giggle. You see, I left my job for many reasons. But not because I am expecting. The little face was supposed to be a stressed or confused face, but I guess it could pass for a sick face too! (Maybe I'll have to save that little face for later!) Any who, the post was just stating that I no longer work where we thought I'd be working for at least quite some time. So as for new plans, I'll be starting up my little business, maybe get a part time  job or something, and practice being a good wife :) Thanks for the unexpected giggles!

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  1. Thank YOU for the giggles. Your last post made me laugh. :)


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