Friday, October 28, 2011

And so it all begins...

Warning: what you are about to see is not a "luxury" home.
 It is a modest home that needs some TLC.
 But it is one that we fell in love with.
One we knew that had great potential.
We love projects, so this is right up our alley.
And we love customizing things to fit our style, (but who doesn't?)
So this is perfect for our needs.

Since today was my free day, I spent my time painting.
The house colors before were pretty dark, a little too dark for my taste.
While everyone is looking for major colored walls, I'm looking for white.
Yes white, the lighter the walls, the happier I am.
When we get a bigger house later, I'll probably do different colors, but with our house, I just like the white.
Paired with some bold throw pillows and chic wall decor.
That's refreshing to me.

Anywho, enough about my thoughts! Here are a few pictures from today's painting project. I literally worked all day, stopping for meals. My husband joined in on the remodeling when he got home.

I'm not exactly sure why I was standing on a stool when I had a longer roller on hand. Guess I was lost in thought.

Don't mind my whild baboon hair, it was a jump out of bed and get working kind of a day.

The house was three different shades, a grey, a darker ivory, and a minty green. We just like the white for now.

 I still need to do a top coat but I just love how refreshing that white is!

For those of you who have caught on, yes that is a real live aquarium. In my kitchen. We are knocking out the container, putting a better light in, and then we will be attempting to grow some herbs (basil, rosemarry, etc.) and indoor flowers year round. We are pretty excited about that!

We also got some fruit trees and seeds to save for our garden next year! Yippee!

Then Jimmy got home and got working right away on a big project. Our living room wall.
This house is stuck in the 70's.
 We've got a nice big wall that is covered in darker stone, and then topped with some bulletin board looking thing. (I'm assuming to hang your pictures on since that'd be tough with the stone.) We are tearing down the stone and boards, putting up sheet rock, and painting a coat of white over the top. The room will look awesome when we are done, at least to us it will. :)

Notice our super stylish carpet. Yuck. We are redoing all carpets after the painting is complete.

It was hard to get a picture of the whole room, because it is pretty large, and there is a fire place that kind of hangs out int the middle. We were going to knock out the fire place, but we decided to just keep it and use it for our source of heat. We will be redoing the stone to a  lighter brick, yay!

We even started a little fire to heat the house last night, it smelled divine. I think I'll like sitting by the fire this coming winter.

Jimmy working. Pure chaos. He was in heaven.

When we had first pulled the bulletin board looking things down, we found the most random columns of sweet mirrors we had ever seen. We have no clue why they were under there, because they were attached to the wood on both sides, but I want to save a few pieced to use for crafts because they are pretty cool. That is if we can get one off in good enough condition, they're stuck on there pretty darn well.

We found a layer of cement under the stones....lovely.

That's as far as we got yesterday. We worked until 11, then decided it'd be time to hit the hay.

WHEW! That was a long post! Sorry, its just that we feel like we accomplished so much already and had to document it all for purely selfish reasons. :)

Stay tuned for the finished project!


  1. Wow Kailie, you guys sure are busy bees! That looks like fun though and will be very rewarding when you guys are all finished and have created the house you want. I am very happy for you :) I cannot wait till I am in your shoes. I admit I am jelous you guys got right into your first house lol, and I hope I will get to be doing the same fun suff soon. I'm very excited for you Kailie :) Goodluck hunny, and keep up the good work :)

  2. i am loving watching your transformation! you are so creative it'll look fantastic!

  3. That is looking great! The white paint sure makes a huge difference in how the interior looks so far. I'm sure Jimmy loved tearing the stone down too! He looks like he's in his element there. :)

  4. I am getting really excited to see the result of your hard work! The house does look like it has a lot of potential. Thanks for posting this.

  5. Kathryn says:
    Wow! Thanks for the pics so soon. I have been dying to see ever since you shared the big news! You are a girl after my heart. I am all about white as the underlying theme so that any accessory will go and you can make color pop in small ways (like with throw pillows :))! Love it! Go Jimmy!!! What a cute husband. :)


Thank you for your kind words!