Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hard Work Pays Off

My life as of lately:

Jump out of bed with paint on my face and in my hair from the day before
Put on the same outfit I've worn the past week
Notice its even more dirty than the last time I looked at it
Bed not made
Laundry still in hamper from the week before
Bathroom could use a good scrubbing
Late to bed and early to rise
Veggie tray for dinner next to a space heater
 Talks of paint, sheet rock, fireplaces, new carpet, yard work, remodeling, furnaces, hot water heaters, home decor, and moving are exchanged
Three trips to Lowe's in 12 hours
Blessed with family who loves to help
A hard working, very talented husband

The result:



We are going with an all white house, refere to previous post for details.


Take a deep breath because we are done forever....right?
New carpets this week
Moving all week
Bathroom remodeling
Build a new widow sill
Replacing those curtain things with glass walls and a door for the fireplace
Taking the aquarium out and growing small indoor plants there instead
Build a fire place mantel
Get cracking on the decor
Curtains instead of blinds
And lets not even start with the garage- that's a project itself!
And then there is yard work
Lots of yard work
We got our apple, peach, and apricot trees in before the snow hit
The giant some sort of willow tree got trimmed
The roof and gutters cleaned
And I even got a bucket full of pine cones from our pine tree

When they tell you, "Its a never ending process!"
or, "The projects never end!"
or even, "That's a home for you!"

Believe them, because they are 110% right.
But you will love the never ending list of projects.
Because you are making any house your home.

We love our little house!


  1. Yep...the work and projects will NEVER end! But like you said you are making a house your home (though we sometimes...or always...wish the projects would take so stinkin' LOOOOONG. Oy...
    Your house is looking GREAT!!!!!!! Way to go on all that painting and sheet rocking and outlets and more painting and yard work, gutters, painting (again) and getting things ready to move and and, oh yeah, did I mention PAINTING????? I thought it was so cute when you came home with paint on your face and in your hair and on your shows that you're working super hard on your darling house and definitely making it into a home! Way to go! We look forward to helping you guys move (assuming you'll need it). :)

  2. It's looking so Great Kailie! Great Job! I am loving it. Keep up the great work you guys! I wanna see it when your all done :)

  3. Kathryn: It is looking AWESOME! Can't wait to get a tour in a few weeks!!!

  4. Incredible. If you keep working this hard you will have a cozy, nice, home, your home, ready to go for Christmas!!! and maybe even Thanksgiving!

    You both ROCK!

  5. girl, this looks incredible!!!!!!!! what a huge project! and btw, you are a fabulous writer!


Thank you for your kind words!