Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Every woman should learn

"I am attracted to you on a whole new level."

Those were the words my husband told me after yesterday.


Rape Aggression Defense.

A class designed to teach women self defense.

Yep, pretty much the coolest class you'll ever take.

I learned so much the past few months in R.A.D. and loved every minute!

We focused on safety awareness and technique all semester, but last night we got to put our skills to the test.

Can you say adrenalin rush?

We started off putting all of our gear on, and because Jimmy was my spouse, he could watch.

I was hesitant for a while to have him come, I thought I would get shy because he would always tell me how
cute I looked and that my punches felt like massages, but then as I was running out the door I told him to come along. I'm glad I did! He was so surprised and kept saying how it was the coolest thing he's seen me do. And he loved watching me knock a few big guys to the ground.

Nothing about being so cute anymore ;)

A few pictures Jimmy took. Sorry no video, this is a public blog after all.
(I'm the one in the blue)

Full force was used, it was as real as possible. There was so babying going on here!
 (On both ends for that matter.)

Not knowing what would happen, I had a few butterflies before the simulation, as well as a bit of headache and tummy ache from earlier in the day. While waiting for my turn out in the hall, a lady came out crying after her rounds. I really got nervous and scatter brained after that.

Luckily my husbands an awesome cheerleader.

                          My S-I-L is one of the awesome teachers, shes the one in the yellow filming.

                                                                       Scatter brained

                                                                            Fast paced

                                                     Hard punch (my elbow is really feeling it today!)

                                            My little headache turned into a migraine about here.

                                                                     I sure love to kick


                                                                      Totally transformers

   There was one part where I was taken to the ground and had to defend myself while on said ground. I felt like a spider flailing my legs all over the place, trying to do a back flip out of his arms (?) though that's not something we normally do haha. Then I remembered it was time for hitting, not tricks. :)

                                                             Punch and he's going down!

                           Taking him down and running away. I love the instructor's face in the left corner!

                                     Defending myself while another one sneaks up from behind

                              Ummmm, two people? I hadn't gotten that far in my training yet, guys!

Running to safety. (Aka my husband saying, "That was the coolest thing I've seen!")

All in all, it was super fun. I'm totally ready and pumped for some more classes!

If you are a BYU student, TAKE R.A.D.

There are no if's and's or but's, just do it.

Ask me for the details.

You'll be so glad you did!


  1. momofcmhl here:
    That is so awesome!!!!!!! I'm proud of you for taking that class. I for sure know about feeling nervous about simulation. I was relieved I only cried during the first class and not after that! Great job!

  2. Even if you're NOT a BYU student still take RAD. The class if offered all around the U.S. :) did AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I was cheering you on from behind the camera the whole time. You probably didn't hear me but I was yelling "Go Kailie! Wahoo!!!" It was so cool. You really kicked their trash and it was so fun to see you do so well! :) Great job, sis!!!


Thank you for your kind words!