Friday, December 2, 2011


We get Internet tomorrow, Woo-hoo! That'll be a huge blessing.
Christmas parties are my favorite.
Cleaning/packing/moving my entire sewing and craft room from my parents has been a pain.
I want to relive Thanksgiving dinner.
I had the flu, but after my 5 1/2 hour nap yesterday, I'm feeling better.
Now Jimmy's getting sick.
Tis' the season.
I am baby hungry, I've always been.
My house looks festive with all of my handmade Christmas decor.
Pictures of my house soon, promise.
I haven't bought a single Christmas gift yet.
I'm excited to leave the country in 2 weeks.
I enjoy free shoes.
I am overwhelmed.
I need to get organized.
I'm grateful it hasn't snowed yet.
I want to work from home.
I love Christmas music.
We eat a lot of rice,beans and soups at my house.
I love my croc pot for so many reasons.
My neighbors are awesome.

Some pictures of Jimmy and I from our young(er) days

Hehe, we were so little. I think we've grown up a bit.


  1. You guys have definitely grown up! That first picture you guys look so young! Funny how that happens in just a few short years. I'm looking forward to seeing those pictures of your house!

  2. Leave the country? Where are you going? :o)


Thank you for your kind words!