Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This year I have managed to...

- get engaged
- get married for eternity to my best friend

- buy a house
- develop a deep love for cooking
- go to Mexico (second time I've been)

- lose 11 lbs (don't ask me how, I've only been to the gym once this year)
- learn to budget
- get crafty
- not cut or trim my hair once
- go to Disney Land for the first time
- start a garden (if our little plants in the kitchen count)
- paint a wall for the first time
- learn self defence
- be truly grateful for the food on my table

In 2012 I would love to...

- redo and finish our bathroom
- go through a culinary arts program
- start an outdoor garden
- get more organized with my to-do list
- get pregnant (too risky to put on my blog???)
- turn my family room closet into my craft and sewing room
- be better about the business side of my blog
- work out more than once this year!

2011, you were truly the best year I've ever lived through, yet!
2012, I look forward to what roller coaster you'll take me through!



  1. LOVE IT!!!
    Lucky girl, loosing 11 lbs.
    Yes get pregnant!!!
    Have a great year!!!

  2. 11 lbs?! Way to go! That's about how much I need to lose to get back to my ideal weight...time for the gym???

    I'm grateful I was able to take part in several of those 2011 things you did. (Barn boots anyone?) I also look forward to seeing what you accomplish this coming year!

  3. Holy crapoly you look amazing...congrats on the 11 pounds!

  4. I think you can attribute those lost 11 lbs. to the new house remodeling workouts and those RAD workouts. You were a busy lady!


Thank you for your kind words!