Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Love Nest

Its taken me forever, but I finally took some pictures of our house today.
We've put so much work into it and love the way things are turning out!
I thought I'd stick with a certain "theme." You know, everything is matchy matchy.
But because we are decorating on a dime (okay a quarter!), we ended up being more than happy with what we were able to find while thrifting, on clearance, or second handed from wonderful family.  

Its simple but its our little love nest!

If you havent, I suggest taking a quick look at my previous posts to see the whole before and after :)



The window still needs some work done

Plate- thrifted, Hen- Ross, Pitcher- Ross, Glass Temple- Our wedding cake topper

Willow people- a wedding gift, Hen- Ross, Picture of Christ- Thrifted, Lantern- Brother in law snagged for me before it got thrown away

We used burlap coffee bean sacks for our tree skirt, snagged at my brother in law's work

Welcome sign also found at Ross, man I love that store!

We got a real tree this year, the paper ornaments and pine cones are made by yours truly and the sparkly gold ornaments are either thrifted or from the dollar store

Whew! What a project this has been for us. Its keeping us busy like crazy! With all of the big and small projects we've been working on, its no surprise that I've got some tutorials lined up!


  1. Your house looks so good and I love your homemade ornaments!!! You guys really have done such a fantastic job on your love nest. I'm so impressed! Now we just need to have a housewarming party for ya'll!

  2. what great changes to your home! and i completely adore the burlap under the tree. amazing!


  3. You are so crafty! I LOVE this! Thank you for linking up girl!


Thank you for your kind words!