Friday, December 9, 2011

Boo for Boo-Boo's

Yesterday I got stitches. 
I've had to get them once before, on my right eye, when I was about 5.
I was a naughty little girl jumping on my bed.
 Lets just say one monkey really did fall off and bump her head.
 I just remember screaming and the doctor,
(I can be a bit of a drama queen in those types of offices.)

Anywho, the lovely little story includes me trying to hang a decorative plate on my kitchen wall. And to do so I needed to super glue a paper clip to the back of my plate so I can hang said plate. Well long story short, the bottle of glue was clogged and was too full of dried glue to just cut off with scissors, so I pulled out a knife and got working on that little bottle right away. I somehow manages to miss the bottle when I was stabbing it and got the side my left pointer finger instead. (I'm a lefty by the way.)
 Not to be gross or anything, but it just sat in there until I pulled it out.
 Ummm, TMI???
Anyways, lots of blood, off to work with napkins tied around my finger, and then sent to the doctors from work because said napkins wouldn't hold said blood for very long, then tears from the drama queen came when they showed me the shot and lots of hand holding from two docs because of said drama queen getting her shot, I ended up with a few stitches!

On a more positive note, how do you like my new blog banner title thing? Too crowded? Too random? I made it myself and love/not so sure about it.

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  1. Awww, I'm sorry about the stitches. I hope it heals quickly. I've had stitches 7 times but never on my hand. Hopefully you'll have full use of your left hand again soon!

    I LOVE the look of the banner! I think it looks awesome!!! You're so beautiful!


Thank you for your kind words!