Friday, January 27, 2012

Show Your Love!

With our schedules, often times the only time of the day I see Jimmy are at the dinner table. Yes yes I know, you really do see less of each other when you get married. And sometimes we could use an "I love you" reminder. I came up with this idea, thinking that I was the most genius person out there, but it turns out that other wives love their husbands too. ;)

Sorry about the pictures being all wonky in this post, it was hard to not get my reflection in there!

This little guy has been great! The first time I wrote on it, I said "You give the best kisses!" And then Jimmy started kissing me more, and he would smile right before he kissed me because he knew his were the best! I realized that this was amazing. Its helped both ends out so much. Sometimes I write long love notes and leave them there for a few days, and sometimes I scribble down little thank you's such as "Thank you for the random I love you text today!" or "Thank you for always doing the dishes and cleaning up after dinner, that really makes me happy." I've noticed that the more I acknowledge the little things I love about him, the more willing he is to go out of his way to show his love for me.

So yes, make one of these! Even if you aren't married, pick someone you love, and do this for them, it really works wonders!


You'll need:

1 picture frame (with the glass still in it, the dollar store even has some!)
1 piece of paper, you can use cute scrapbook paper, or whatever is laying around, like I did.
1 dry erase marker

Mine is pretty simple, I just needed something to get the job done. :)

1- Either type or write "I love you because..." or "Just another reason why I love you" on your paper.
2- Put your paper inside your frame, as if putting a picture in the frame.
3- Now spill those thank you's and I love you's everyday!

I saw this one on Pinterest. Now I want to up the cute factor on Jimmy's.
Wait who am I kidding? Jimmy doesn't care about the cute factor!

What are your favorite ways to express your love???
I'd LOVE to grab more ideas!

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  1. This is so cute! I'm so doing this!! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Ha! I love this idea and how it turns into subtle hints. :)
    We have a chalkboard sticker on our fridge and I draw little stick figures of me and husband (like us celebrating new years, traveling together, etc.) I don't update it as much as I should though.
    (p.s. I linked up too!)

  3. We do something like this but just on our white board. Sometimes we write notes to each other on the bathroom mirror too. :) It's good to remember to do the little things.

  4. Love your blog. :) This is such a cute thing to do!


Thank you for your kind words!