Sunday, January 29, 2012

What We Did

My week looked a little like this:

I am enjoying our little plate set up in the kitchen, I love the cheery little reminder! Jimmy was kind to put it up for me, you know, after the boo-boo it gave me here

I started working on a lace necklace this week, tutorial coming soon!

I made these lovely ear warmers, nice and cozy! Tutorial coming soon.

I've had some of this fabric laying around for a while, but I'm finally pulling it out to make some pillows for some much needed couch color! I love the summer look its bringing to my living room. And yes, that is my real Christmas tree in the corner, its still going strong as long as I water it every week. I love having a nice green tree in my house!

I glittered up my nails a bit. Clear nail polish, glitter, and another layer of clear nail polish. *Bling bling* :)

I posted about a little way to show your love here

Not pictured: I ate so healthy this week, lots of spinach smoothies and only treats on the weekend! I also worked on the treadmill 3 times, and started yoga. My stress levels thank me, its a work in progress!

Hope you guys all had a lovely week!

Oh, and just because I am sad that I never get to see this guy:


  1. Kathryn: I know how you feel about never seeing the hubs. :( Love how the plate in the frame turned out! I didn't know you enjoy spinach smoothies too! We love those at our house. :)

  2. Looks like your week was full of fun stuff :) The lace necklace is so cute! & I love the pillows...I need to do something like that too!

  3. Spinach smoothies=yum! I enjoy those as well. :) I hope you and your hubs get to see each other more often soon!


Thank you for your kind words!