Thursday, January 12, 2012


There are a few things the hubs and I are pretty "uptight" about.
Things that may or may not "loosen up" once the kiddos start arriving.

Things such as:

- We HATE dishes sitting in the sink! They have to be washed and put away after were done using them.
-And speaking of dishes, if I see water spots or the dish isn't spic and span, I will hand wash and dry that dish a second time, just to satisfy my OCD needs!
- My counters, stove and table MUST be wiped down every time they've been put to use, down to the bread crumb!
- We've never resorted to fast or pre-packaged food since we've been married. (I know, I know.)
- We vacuum once and sometimes twice a week!
- We have a chore chart, yep, we went that far.
- The living and front room must stay clean at all times, of course, when the hubs pulls out the Lego's, this rule is out the window.
- My hubs doesn't allow food in the car, not even for me!
- I cant stand running late, on time is late in my book.
- Our freshly new carpet would appreciate it if you took your shoes off when you came over. (A few months of cleaning carpets taught Jimmy this one.)
- I disinfect my kitchen...everyday!
- We make our bed everyday.
- We STILL wear our flip flops in the shower (actually, Jimmy's flip flops are the only ones sitting on the bathroom floor, I just use his since I'm too lazy to pull mine out of the boxes), and I haven't taken a single bath. Even after the bathroom has been soaked in bleach! (I don't think this one will loosen up until we get a new tub, for some reason we just cant get over the fact that we don't know who's been in there, yuck!)

Too uptight?
Well maybe so, I'll admit that much. But we are pretty happy with the results of our uptight-ness. A clean(ish) house is always a nice thing.

Don't let me scare you off though, we do live like piggys in our own ways! Behind closed doors you'll find that I have filled 2 bedroom closets with clothes and shoes, so I've got a pile by my bed of stuff that needs to find a place. Random things are stuffed in drawers, and lets not start with my craft and sewing stuff, CRAZY, disorganized, and I haven't even started on it because its just too overwhelming!

What kinds of things are you crazy uptight about??? Did you loosen up after time? I'd love to hear!


  1. Some of those things have to be "loosened" up a bit, when the kids come, just because that is reality, whether we want them to or not. Like not being able to wash the dishes right away because the baby is crying. And some need to be done more often, like vacuuming almost daily, because of little kiddie messes. :)
    As for me:
    -I can't stand being late either (but with trying to get 4 kids out the door, it happens more than I would like).
    -I demand (in a nice way) manners from the kids (they don't get anything until they ask the "right" way).
    -I don't like sticky spots on the walls. :)

  2. First of all. You are an awesome blogger.
    Second, I agree that when children arrive things do change a bit and flexibility is the key to sanity. I think you are going to be a great Mom (I have said that before), nurturing your children, putting them (and your husband) first. There are so many lessons to be learned is so hard to know how a child will change your life until he/she shows up out of your belly. Every child is so different!!!
    As far as me. I still like to look cute for my husband...I am excercing and I am not going to let that go. My body has changed after having 5 children pretty close to each other but I like to feel good about the way I look so that is one thing.
    I like to eat you do. We have never had fast food...we have eaten out and I have had exhausting or lazy days and cereal and milk for dinner worked (a coupld of times) but planning is the secret there just like for everything else.
    I will not eat junk though.
    I am flexible with basically everything else and I have gone to bed (well..fallen asleep on the couch) breastfeeding with dishes in the sink and my husband on the floor in one of the kids' room. We are SO tired at night and it is true, often you have to do things before getting to the dishes...I wish it wasn't the case because I hate it in the morning to have to start the day that way!!
    This is a long comment...
    oh well.
    we are surprisingly done early with school today and I have enjoyed a 30 minute blogging break :) thanks for being there! :)

  3. Wow...I bet you have a very clean house. My husband is pretty adamant about turning off lights everytime you leave alone. It's something I had to adapt to, but now it's second nature to me. I love the way marriage makes you grow together over time.

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