Saturday, January 21, 2012

War Zone

On Sunday this week, I lost my front room to Jimmy's Legos. He literally told me it would be off limits to me, because I don't know how to maneuver around such fine pieces.

On his spare time the past few months (mainly on Sundays), he would build sets in our room, but I complained that our room was getting too crowded. So this was his attempt to make me happy and clear our room out:

Yep, he was in Heaven. He took them down on Monday, starting at 8 AM and working until about 6 PM, even with two helpers. WHEW! I am a mean wife! :)


  1. ha that is insane!! how could you possibly move around in your house? - so nice finding your blog! xo

    C |

  2. Hahahahahaha! That is TOO funny!!! He has WAY too many Legos. :P


Thank you for your kind words!