Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY: Lace Necklace

Thank you for all of your kind words on my last post about marriage! I am so happy to see other women who recognize the greatness of family, just another reason why I love blogging.  :)

I wrote a post for Classy Confessions last week, but for those of you who have missed out, here is the tutorial! 

 I thought of this project while spending way too much time browsing the fabric store last week. I am in love with the result. Its super easy, fast, and when you're finished you'll want one in every me, I'm there right now. 

DIY Lacey Flower Necklace

Supplies needed: 

- 1/4 yard of your favorite lace (you can use fabric or ribbon too!)
- Matching thread and needle
- Hot glue gun
- Basic necklace chain
- Beads, a button, or gem of your choice

1- Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end of your thread. (I used black thread to show you what it will look like.)
2- Starting at one end, simply hand sew the edge of your lace, until you reach the other end.
3- Holding one end of your thread, gently push your lace to the other end. You should be pushing all of the lace together. 
4-  Once the lace is bunching, it should naturally coil up and look a little something like this:

5- Keep tightening up your lace until it forms a flower. Feel free to move bits around and squish the little buchies here and there, until you get exactly what you want. Just  play around with it, you really can't mess it up!
6- Hot glue the center and ends to make your flower stay coiled up.

7- Hot glue your beads, button, or gem to the center of your flower.

8- Flip your flower over and hot glue your chain to the back. Measure before gluing to be sure you like the length of your necklace.

9- Ta-Da! It really WAS that easy! Now go make a million more, its OK if people envy your style. ;)

I just love how different and chic this necklace is. It turns my boring outfits into something cute!


Thank you for your kind words!