Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

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I think my babies will have permanent rosy cheeks, two sets of 'em (wink wink). Because how can you resist those buttery rolls?

I always seem to look for the future.
 I was excited for Jimmy to come home while he was still on his mission.
Then when he came home I was excited to get engaged.
Then when I was engaged I was excited to get married.
Now that we are married, I'm excited to have a family.

While I think its good to be excited and prepare for the future, I sometimes get carried away and forget where I am now. I forget what I was so excited for a few months ago, I forget to enjoy the moment, the simple day to day things. I often find myself planning so much for tomorrow, that I fail to focus on  today.

It isn't rare for me to think while I lay in bed at night, how much time I wasted that day. Usually the time was spent on the computer, doing random pointless things. Or when I wake up after my husbands already left the house (granted he has class at 7, but still!), Or even when I am focusing too much on myself.

So I am have made a goal; to turn those wasted hours into something productive.

Of course its easy to do something productive for myself. Sure, there are a lot of crafts I would love to catch up on!
But I have realized that I need to reach out of my comfort zone.
 I need to get to know the sisters in my ward better.
 Figure out the needs of my family and friends.
Actually make a teensy tiny difference in someone's life.

The hubs and I were called to be the ward missionaries a couple months ago, and I am guilty of the lack of time I have put into it! I find myself making up excuses about how I don't have time or I'm new to the neighborhood.
But I just think, if I trade in  the couple of hours I spend watching my favorite shows every night into making a few visits, or seeking out even the smallest service opportunities, My days would be a lot more productive and I would actually move forward in life.
 "Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need?"

So here's to the chances I'll have for squeezin' them baby cheeks. But I can't let myself get too wrapped up in whats going to happen, and start focusing on what is happening.


  1. ha love this post! the babies are so so cute. and yah...i waste so much time on the computer. i don't smoke and i don't eat junk food - so i suppose the internet is my big vice!

  2. SO glad you posted this, you're not the only one out there. I have the same problem. I agree, I also need to get to know the girls in my ward better & be a better ward missionary. (yea, we have the same calling! ha)

  3. I just found your blog via Captivated by Grace. I really enjoyed your thoughts on this post...I definitely struggle with that too, especially looking forward to being a mom someday. Thanks for the reminder! I am a new follower.
    Alesha <3


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