Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Randoms

- I am so so so so so happy that I don't work late this weekend!

- I finished reading the Hunger Games series, I just started The Help yesterday and I love it!

- I need to teach Sunday school tomorrow and I just realized I haven't even  started preparing  my lesson yet, yikes!

- Unlike every other girl, I haven't seen The Vow, and eh, maybe I'll see it when it hits the dollar theater. I kept saying that about Breaking Dawn and I still haven't seen that one yet.

- This year I made a goal to get more exercise than I did last year. (Let's just say working out two or three times a week is already going above and beyond last year's number!) I power walk and run on the treadmill and the only way I am able to go for 40 minutes is if I can watch Psych!

- Oh, and lets talk about how awesome I am. Today I went to Walmart, spent an hour carefully comparing items and prices so I could get the best deals, paid for said items, put credit card and receipt in wallet, put wallet in purse, and walk out of the store.....then hear "MISS!!! MISS!!!" Somewhere behind me, see a very elderly kind man doing his best to run after me while carrying my paid for items. Yep, I guess it was my turn to blush while everyone else stared because every other miss in the store though they were being called for!

Anywho, have a happy weekend to you from us!!!


  1. I enjoyed the Hunger Games, heard that The Help is awesome (though haven't read it yet), LOVE Psych, don't teach Sunday School but wish you well on your lesson, haven't seen The Vow or Breaking Dawn, am trying to exercise more too (though not succeeding very well), love Walmart and kind old men and am THRILLED you don't have to work late this weekend! Yahoo!

    Thanks again for coming to my low-key birthday party yesterday! I loved having you and Jimmy over again! :)

  2. I haven't seen Breaking Dawn or The Vow :S It takes quite the movie to get me to pay $14 in the theater when I can wait and order it for 5 bucks on my TV lol.
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. The Help is so good! Hope you love it too :)

  4. haha I've been that girl too that has everything... except the bought goods

  5. I need to work out too! Haha, how sweet of him to chase after you. Cute blog :)

  6. I found you on Erin's blog. I love the picture of you 2!


Thank you for your kind words!