Sunday, February 5, 2012

What We Did 2/5/2012

This week was pretty easy going. One of those quiet weeks. I've got some fun projects lined up for this upcoming week, but I was able to make this lacey necklace a few days ago:

I love it! I am posting a tutorial over at Classy Confessions this week, be sure to check it out. :)

The week was kind of lonely but Saturday, ah Saturday was so fun. I had to work till 10:00 Friday night and my nephew slept over. The boys had lots of fun playing around Saturday morning. I dragged my lazy bum out of bed around 9, thanks to this book which I am currently reading for the first time:

By the way, I love this book! I love the first a bit more, but this one is still good! Gotta get ready for the Hunger Games movie coming out in March!

Any who, while my nephew was dominating a video game with my bro in law, my husband and I took advantage of the sunny day and got to work planning and scoping out our soon to be garden for this coming Summer. I think Jimmy is a bit excited for our garden, especially since he keeps talking and planning it out!

"Don't mind me babe, just pretend I'm not taking pictures, kay?"
(Then I get the little glare)

The boys then did some muscle conditioning with me (I totally owned them all, though we don't need to tell anyone :)) And after Jimmy taught me some karate moves. We had lots of fun karate chopping each other's heads off until I had to go work. Of course, Jimmy was barely touching me. I'd like to say I was kind in return, minus those few times where Jimmy kept telling me to relax.

Lazy weekends are good every once in a while! What did you do this weekend?


  1. This last week consisted mostly of running around cleaning, laundry, dishes and the like. Again. I did finish the Hunger Games series and began another book. I've also started writing in my novel again. :)

  2. ah! i haven't read hunger games yet. i'm trying to get my apartment-mate to go with me to the bookstore tonight for it ha


  3. lazy weekends are the best. I am in desperate need of one!

    btw, I found my way over from Shane's blog and wanted to say hello! I LOVE that you did a play on words with your blog name. I did the same :)


Thank you for your kind words!