Friday, March 9, 2012

Awkward Easter Egg

You know those super cute bloggers who post all of their outfits on every post and you want to just start ripping their outfits out of the computer for yourself? Yeah... maybe I'm just weird.

Well I am definitely no fashion blogger! I usually throw on whatever makes me comfy and don't think twice about what I wear, although, sometimes I really should start doing that.

Anywho, I have been on kind of a thrifting kick. It all started when I was finding things for my house, and now I am looking for clothes! My interest right now is the silky loosey blouses that I can pair with leggings. You wouldn't believe how many of those are lying around Saver's and D.I.- in great condition and for a couple bucks!

So my friends, I am going to show you these blouses ever so often in hopes that I can spread the thrifted love. Well, not too much love, because then there wouldn't be any cute outfits left for me when I got there. ;)

Starting with yesterday's blouse that I found in the little granny section. I was looking for something that screamed spring.

Blouse: D.I., Price:$3.00 total

Would you have given this easter egg a chance? I was skeptical at first, but loved the vintage buttons and color so I gave it a shot. I bunched the sleeves up to my elbows and let there be some flowey goodness. Its paired with a thin braided black belt to give me somewhat of a waistline, leggings, and glitter nude flats. It was oh so comfy for work.

Here is the awkward picture taking journey of the easter egg blouse...

Me- Um, babe, this is awkward but could you take a picture of my outfit?
Jimmy- Sure.

Me- Oh, I kind of look like Peter Pan, can you take another one?
Jimmy- Yeah, sure.

*Hubs starts posing and perfecting me and the easter egg blouse*

Me- Thanks! hair is uneven...can you take just one more?
Jimmy- Yeah. Why don't you go fix your hair how you want it and then we can take another one.

Hubs does more picture taking and "twist a little this wayyyyyy stop. A little less. There. Oh, smile. Got it."

Haha. I love my man. He doesn't know what he just got himself into. :)


  1. You definitely made a steal out of the shirt! I was a little skeptical at first too but then I looked at the pictures of the poses and the belt and rocked it, sis!!!

    (I love the dialogue between you and Jimmy!)

  2. Ok that is so cute! Love it! You rock it well!

  3. wow.That does look cute. I was thinking wow, no one could pull that shirt. But you did! Good job! You look cute in it!!

  4. oh my gosh, on the hanger I was thinking whaaaa? but on you, totally adorable!! dang. you have a superpower.

  5. LOVE that shirt and LOVE that your man will take pictures of you without judging you. I know that awkward feeling :)

  6. Is there anything that doesn't look GREAT on you? Don't think're gorgeous, girl! Love the post and the interaction between you and Jimmy. hugs to you both

  7. Kathryn: Wow! Would never have given that blouse a second glance. You and Jims are just the cutest and fumpest! :) P.S. Tell Jimmy I will call him back one of these days (from when he called me like 2 weeks ago). By the time I remember to call it is always 10:00 pm. ;)

  8. You look so pretty, that top looks awesome on you!! Keep finding these little hidden treasures! And you are one lucky lady with someone who takes great pictures :]

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Thank you for your kind words!