Monday, March 12, 2012

A Thanksgiving Feast!

The other day I was craving a Thanksgiving feast. When I told Jimmy my idea to have our own feast, he more than agreed, as long as we could fit pie in there too!
So we made and enjoyed our own little Thanksgiving feast yesterday!
Of course we had to improvise a bit. I didn't have a turkey, and quite frankly I didn't want to buy one either. So instead I used a whole chicken that was sitting in our freezer.
We stuffed ourselves sick. Literally.
I made sweet potatoes, stuffing, wheat rolls, salad, carrots, banana cream pie, apple crisp, and a roasted chicken. Jimmy made some killer mashed potatoes, and my bro-in-law joined in for dessert with some homemade pumpkin pie.

Spinach salad with oranges, apples, candied peanuts, and craisins. No dressing needed. My favorite way to prepare a salad!

I think Jimmy rocks his apron well. :)

Apple crisp, chocolate chip cookies (I just needed to get rid of those!), banana cream pie, and pumpkin pie.

stuffing and the roasted chicken

My first roasted chicken. I was super nervous preparing this, but it actually turned out nice and juicy! I've got another one in my freezer that needs to be used...I'm thinking a lemon pepper next time?

Let the feast begin!

I think we will be living off of leftovers the rest of this week. Already planning for the next....


  1. I'm not gonna lie...this is awesome! So much work but totally worth it I bet!

  2. Kathryn: You are killing me here! Could you mail me a piece of pie? :)

  3. Oh man...I'm so hungry right now! It all sounds so delicious!

  4. You two are adorable! I love that you wanted Thanksgiving and just did it :) Your chicken looks yum!

  5. I am impressed. And hungry again at 11pm. Love this. It should be a new family tradition. Thanksgiving in March!


Thank you for your kind words!