Wednesday, March 28, 2012

project inspiration- dress up the tables!

I have so many projects I want to do.
So I made a list to help prioritize them all.
And that list sure is long!
Oh well. Most of the projects are for my little housie, it sure is becoming fun to learn how to decorate without blowing the bank!

I want to share a few of the projects on my list with you guys, lets keep the inspiration rolling.

First off, I need some table inspiration! We finally took down our Christmas tree a couple weeks ago. Oops. Haha, I took the decorations off in January, but I just loved the pop of color and fresh scent that little tree gave the room. And since we tossed that dead tree, we've got a big emtpy space in our front room. Time to find a coffee table and make some cute decor!

I love these flowers! They are made out of tissue paper and look so easy to make. 

These ones are made with crepe paper (party streamers). Don't they look so realistic?!

I'm heading the the thrift store this week to find some old books to decorate with. Love.

Jimmy made a planter box similar to this and is letting me use it for my crafting needs. I'm thinking this would look great on my kitcken table???

Love everything about this.

A good use for those twigs and branches that have fallen from the tree!

And a few ideas to dress up some vases...

To use those burlap scraps up!

Mason jars and lace, I'm sold.

And because you have to have a lamp on that coffee table...

Cover a lamp shade with the fabric of your choice. I have to do this! Gotta keep my eyes open for a lamp while I thrift!

And you can't go wrong with ruffles!

Whew, and that was just a teensy little smidget of the list.

More. Ideas. Than. Time.

What are your favorite ways to dress up those tables?


  1. Love books in decor! I have them in every room! Those flowers are gorgeous! I can't believe they are not real!

  2. DI probably has a bunch of old books for way cheap!! If I was you, I'd check there first.


Thank you for your kind words!