Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photos as of Lately

The other day I told the hubs that it would be so nice if I could get a fancy camera for this blog. The response I got was some laughing followed by a "you need to figure out how to use your camera first" from the hubs.
So I've been toting around my little Nikon Cookpix point and shoot camera- learn I will Mr. Hubs!

The view from my deck!

The bulbs I didn't even know existed have been popping up- loving the springy colors of yellow, purple, and coral!

Annnnnd on another note, the hubs made me breakfast the other day. Eggs seasoned with basil on a cream cheese bun. "Its a sun because your'e my little sunshine!" -Hubs

Why make the usual juice when you can have a glass of water with an orange on the brim??? Hahaha

One of my good friends is having a girl soon and asked for diapers for her baby shower. But I needed to fill my crafting needs too...So I came up with a box of diapers and this little handmade diaper wipe clutch! I'm pleased and need to make a zillion more. :)

And just for the record....I officially hopped on the "weirdo train" a couple of weeks ago by telling Mr. Hubs and his older brother they were my kittens and gave them warm milky soup. Bro-in-law couldn't stop laughing but Mr. Hubs just looked at his soup and said,
"I am so disturbed I can't even eat this."


  1. Lovely pics! Your hubby is too cute with his sun creation!

  2. Lol! The stories about your husband made me laugh...especially the kitten one! Lol! =D
    Alesha <3

  3. What a lovely blog. These flowers are beautiful :)


  4. love the flowers! :) I miss having daffodils and tulips. Someday, when we're not renting, I'll totally grow them!

  5. haha cameras a definitely complicated - love the shots though! cant wait to see more!


Thank you for your kind words!