Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Right This Minute I...

 am researching and learning about couponing and saving money while shopping. I love finding great deals on my wardrobe, and we could be saving so much more money if I knew how to work those dang coupons. Anybody have some advice?

am wishing there were more hours in the much to do!

need to weed my flower beds...bad...poor things already died and went to who knows where.

need to stock up on my headband inventory, those babies sell out!

am thinking about how I started my own Mary Kay business a couple of weeks ago, I love it and see myself going far.

am making an attempt to mix up my weekly menu a bit this week. I'm trying 5 new recipes this week!

am counting down the hours until Jimmy gets home, call me a baby!

 just started a batch of rolls in my breadmaker. We are eating them with corn sausage chowder for dinner tonight.

Happy mid-week, guys! Hope yours is going splendid!


  1. there really aren't enough hours in a day!! :P

  2. We definitely need more hours in the day. Way to go on the headbands and Mary Kay! Awesome!!!

  3. You are AMAZING. And I do not say that in a shallow way. I mean it. I love your love of life, how you want to always learn and grow (we are spiritual twins) and it is contagious! I love you girl! SO glad life brought us together!

  4. I just learned that Wal-Mart will beat any advertised price of another store AND you don't acutally have to have the ad with you when you go. Just write a list of what store is offering what brand at what price, and they will do the price match for you! Makes it much easier than trying to find and organize all those ads to take to the store with you!

  5. Also I love Mary Kay products and have been looking for someone I know that sells them! I need some tinted moisturizer, but I'm not sure what shade. Any way I could get some samples so I know what to buy? You may have a new customer!


Thank you for your kind words!