Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On today with some muffins

Sorry its so blurry

Jimmy is in Heaven building a new lego set that just arrived in the mail today. He took it to work with him so he could "look at it in the car on the drive to work." Perhaps a safety lesson is needed in this household?


This morning I started a new little routine. One where I go power walking as fast as my little legs can take me for 2 miles. I know I know, that's pathetic to so many of you, but for me this is big! I need to work on my cardio BAD. So here's to a good exercise routine.


After my little workout, I made fresh squeezed orange juice. Yummmm-oh. 6 oranges in one glass calls for a refreshing drink. Now I just need to get my hands on more oranges....


Speaking of health, I undid everything I worked hard for after my workout and dose of OJ. There were 3 suuuuper ripe bananas that just couldn't go to waste. And even though I'm not supposed to be having sugar and white flour due to some minor health issues, I made up a mean batch of chocolate chip muffins. Fresh out of the oven, melted chocolate, and a glob of butter inside. That's how I do it.


I think the bunnies have adjusted well to our home. Some new tricks they've picked up include:
Tricking us into feeding them all sorts of snacks, all day long. They are getting fat already.
Crawling over the DIY gates we've set up to keep them out of certain rooms in the house.
Peeing and pooping on people and furniture.
Licking our fingers and toes.
Sitting in the food dish.
Hopping up the stairs.
Climbing up on your lap.
Eating the carpet, shoe laces, and door mats.
Speed-hopping up and down and up and down the hallway- I've never seen bunnies move so fast!

New hiding places include, but are not limited to:
Behind and under the couches
Under the kitchen table
Under the T.V. dresser
In the closet
And in baskets. Little stinkers.


  1. Haha. Cute! The kids can't wait to see them! We'll try coming by tomorrow after 7 and hang out for a few.

    Oranges at Walmart are $5.98 for an 8-lb bag. We go through a lot too. I've been huge into fresh-squeezed orange juice too. It just hits the spot.

    Way to go on the exercise! I've been trying to get back on the bandwagon for exercising and have gone two days in a row now. I did zumba today and just about died. I'm so sore.

    Those muffins look delicious! I made cinnamon raisin bread today. It's not good for the hips but oh, so yummy for the taste buds. ;)

  2. Your bunnies are so cute! Way to go on the exercising! I need to follow your lead and start walking more.

  3. Adorbs! Those bunnies are too cute!



Thank you for your kind words!