Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Kitchen Was Made For 80's Music

A beautiful morning
A comfy couch full of pillows and fleece blankets
Easy homemade wheat tortillas
Super cheesy breakfast burritos
Peanut butter and honey on tortillas for a delicious snack
Two love birds
And 80's music videos blasting throughout the house
One perfect morning with my husband!

I just love how wonderful Jimmy is to me. Even after a crummy day, the guy still knows how to rock my socks off.

P.S. Anybody else been listening to this song on repeat all week?


  1. You guys are so cute. :) Those homemade tortillas look delicious!!!

  2. I seriously love that song by hunter hayes.. looks like a fun day at your house!! I just added myself as a follower, can't wait to see more posts :)


  3. You guys are so adorable. I just found your blog and I LOVE it. Consider me your newest follower :) Oh yeah and that Hunter Hayes songs is amazing. I seriously bought it on amazon like an hour ago. SOOOO Good!
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    xoxo Kinzie


Thank you for your kind words!