Friday, May 18, 2012

Raw Reality

                 Just because my fairytale wedding day really was- and is- the best day of my life     

Tomorrow will be one of those mornings where I'll wake up and laugh about tonight.
 Sleep seriously is the best thing for this chick when she's not in the mood.
Jimmy is accompanying his dad on a father's and son's camp out this weekend.
My family and friends are doing their own thing,
and I've decided to stay home feeling worn out and exhausted.
 I know I tend to keep things positive on this blog, after all, that's the whole point of looking on the Breit (bright- the spelling is a bit different because its my last name- we're keeping things sentimental over here!) side of life. I love focusing on the happy moments I get to enjoy everyday and I  often find myself realizing how blessed I am.

BUT like any human being, I do experience the ups along with the downs in life.
 I am frustrated tonight.
 Frustrated with myself for hating school so much.
 Frustrated with the fact that the right things in life don't depend on my time.
 Frustrated that I don't have a clue as to what plans I should go with.

  Though I usually am pretty good about staying positive everyday, some days
 I just need to sit down and spill everything out.
 Luckily I've got a good husband who listens to me whine and go over every single detail
 over and over.
But some nights are just good to be alone with yourself.
 To eat some chocolate ice cream with homemade brownies tossed in.
Ignore the long list of "to-do's" you just wrote that morning,
 pop in a chick flick,
and realize how exhausted you are.

 Because soon you'll check in with your bed,
freshly laundered sheets,
get an amazing amount of rest,
 then wake up the next morning and laugh silently to yourself.
Because that's what normally happens when you've had a chance to clear your head-
God can finally talk to you. 
Thank goodness for sleep, its the best cure there ever was.

On a better note- what are your guys' weekend plans?
I've got a fun date lined up with Mr. Hubs tomorrow night that includes some rock climbing, a movie, and yummy food. Woo-hoo! 


  1. Kailie!! Your blog posts are amazing! They just always make me feel positive about my life and it's made a significant difference. Thanks for being my friend. You are so sweet. Keep it up and remember to keep smiling!!!

  2. Feel ya on that one. :) You are amazing!
    -Love, Kathryn

  3. I feel you - I need one of those nights! Unfortunately, with a house full of people...I'm not going to get one...maybe a long lonely walk will do instead :) Hope you feel rested in the morn!

  4. I agree with you. Ice cream, brownies and a movie and some time alone will do the trick..I think it is also important to realize we are human and it is okay to have grumpy or frustrated or hard days. I always like to find the source of my frustration, clarity is a really great friend of mine. You are the best, Kailie! As far as weekend , we are hanging out here...I have got a birthday girl that is really excited to turn 6 tomorrow! A LOT of family celebrations around here! Birthdays are HUGE deals! Love you!

  5. I'm sorry that you were feeling like that. Like you said, everyone has their days. Mine has been the last two weeks-mostly because of my dying friend. But like you said in so wise of words, once you clear that brain, that's when God talks to you. Kathryn is right--you ARE amazing, sis! Love ya tons!


Thank you for your kind words!